Aerospace Models

Space... the Final Frontier

If you are in search of an aerial vehicle other than a plane or helicopter Mahogany Models can be your place for one stop (model) shopping. Our customization expertise is also extended to space vehicles. As with aircraft, the space vehicle in question can be either one that already exists or is merely a concept illustrated only by a drawing. Either way, we will make it just the way you want it.

NASA asked us to construct a series of scale model Hubble telescopes for use in academic space science programs throughout the United States. As a finishing touch they wanted the mirrors of the telescope to be “working” (meaning movable) mirrors. No problem for the craftsmen at Mahogany Models. Mission Accomplished!

We have provided Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) like the MARS-ARES space plane that may one day map the surface of the planet Mars and the Predator MQ-9 replete with Hellfire missiles being used currently in the ongoing War-On-Terror.
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