Custom Models

Treat Yourself to Something Special don’t You Deserve It?

Mahogany Models only makes custom models.

We never take the cookie-cutter approach that makes everything look similar to everything else and to be honest... just plane boring.

Every project begins from scratch. A typical client is someone like you, who has an intense interest in aviation or aerospace vehicles. We are particularly favored by professionals including aircraft designers who are looking for an exact replica... with all the details.

But the good news is that you don’t have to be an aerospace engineer, a Hollywood celebrity or a unit of some big Fortune 500 company to own something like this.

Now, there’s no need to be left out in the cold... just wishing. You can join in too.
And even if you do represent a Fortune 500 company or any other group, you are still included.
The only difference between our customization for big businesses and individuals is in the quantity ordered.

Everything else stays the same.

Unlike most of our competitors, we never sell anything that is prefabricated and has been sitting around in a dusty storage room... for who knows how long. Your model will begin as a virgin hunk of mahogany hardwood that will be hand-crafted with all the elements you specify in your order.

You can send instructions, diagrams, pictures, etc showing all the details...


...then we will build it for you the right way.
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