Frequently Asked Questions

I have pictures of the plane. Can you make it match the paint scheme and markings I provide?
Yes, most certainly. We will construct you model(s) to match any high quality pictures you can provide us or direct us to.

* If the actual aircraft is of an experimental type or a design concept existing only on paper, we may request detailed drawings showing the external dimensions and any special features you want included.

Do you use glued on decals like in the plastic model airplane kits?
Absolutely not! All markings are painted by hand. When ordering a quality model it’s best to avoid companies that use glued-on decals. Over time those glued-on decals will begin to disintegrate. That’s why we never use any! We only use real paint that is applied by the hands of our skilled artists

Can I give you “special instructions” about how I want my model(s) to look?
Yes. Just include your special instructions with your order when you submit it.

Do you make die-cast models?
No. We make all of our products only from pure mahogany hardwood.

What about a model stand?
A mahogany wooden model stand will be provided. If you would like to attach it to a wall, we can also provide a wall-mount attachment. The really big models (over three feet long) will sit off the ground on top of a customized support for safe viewing.

You can the model stand: 
  • Plain with no lettering- Free Painted Logo/lettering- Free
  • Engraved and Painted Logo/Lettering- Free
What size model can I order?
We have three basic sizes that are suitable to most customers:
  • Desktop Edition - averages 17 inches in length with proportional wingspan
  • Collector’ s Edition - averages 24 inches (two feet long) with “ “ ““ “ “ “ “
  • Industrial Edition - averages 36 inches (three feet long) with “ “ ““ “ “ “
  • Museum Edition - averages 72 inches (six feet long) with “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “
In addition, we can produce larger models measuring up to 150 inches (12.5 feet long)-most suitable for trade shows, symposiums, or media displays. Just tell us about any special needs you have and we will gladly make adjustments to accommodate your custom order.

How long does it take to have it made and delivered to me?
The estimated time of completion is approximately 8 weeks after order submission (earlier whenever possible).

The fact is... a truly custom model can’t be made overnight... not properly anyway. Your model deserves the proper time and attention needed to get it done right on the first pass.

All sales are processed in the order in which they are received. If time is a factor we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible to avoid delay particularly during the holidays.

How will it be shipped to me?
We use the services of FedEx for hassle-free shipping and delivery

Does this price include shipping & handling?
Yes, this price includes delivery to any address in US and its territories.
(Deliveries outside of the US will incur a small delivery surcharge)

What if you make a mistake and I don’t like it?
No problem. Simply ship it back to us and we’ ll make a brand spanking new model for you or a 100% refund…. with no bogus restocking fees or hidden penalties other companies try to stick you with. You get your money back GUARANTEED.

Do you have experience serving large businesses?
Yes, we have been a supplier to several government agencies as well as Multinational corporations

Can you service a commercial request for large quantity model orders?
Yes, we can service most large quantity orders in a reasonable period of time. Just click the Contact Us tab, fill out the form and let us know your needs and we will submit a proposal to you.

What’s in it for me if I do business with Mahogany Models?
You get a piece of art that will hold timeless memories; that has been detailed by hand and customized just for you that your friends probably don’t have or ever will. 
  • Pure mahogany hardwood
  • Embodies the true spirit of aviation and aerospace
  • No maintenance needed... lasts a lifetime
  • Great gift or display
  • Your very own original piece-of-art
  • Any design, size, or paint scheme available... no limits
  • No ridiculous delays in fulfilling your custom order (can be 12 months or more with some companies)
  • Professional personalization-our artisans average 15+ years experience
  • As a client you are more than a number to us, you become a member of our client family and your opinion counts
  • We will actively work directly with you to get the details right.
  • Real Customer Service with open communication and updates on the status of your order, you get to deal with a human being, not just an impersonal remote computer connection.
  • You don’t have to wait a whole year (or more) to get a custom job finished
* * Please remember your model is a work-of-art. Its beauty should be admired from a safe distance.

Never place it within reach of young children (or adults for that matter) who “like to touch things”. So put it in a safe place and admire from afar.
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