Industrial Sales

For those who need large scale display models for official presentations, tradeshows, television programs, news broadcasts, motion pictures, official ceremonies or training aids, Mahogany Models is your one-stop shopping center.

Every project is unique; no two projects have ever been the same. We take the time to make everything by hand because we consider your project to be an exclusive piece of art.

Your large model will get the same attention-to-detail that smaller models receive. The only difference is the size. Here are a few major organizations
who have become clients, entrusting Mahogany Models with their special model projects:

  • NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
  • CNN (Cable News Network)
  • Media Fusion
  • Singapore Technologies
  • Aurora Flight Sciences
  • Paragon TEC
  • ST. Mobile Aerospace Engineering
  • Raytheon Corporation
  • United States Air Force
[The identity of some past clients for special projects cannot be revealed publically by virtue of signed confidentiality agreements]

NASA has some very interesting programs on the drawing board. They commissioned us to make a series of models of a concept hypersonic aircraft and its Mother Ship that may fly someday orbiting the earth along the edge of space.
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